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Saturday, January 23 2021
Tiếng Việt
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Date 23/12/2014-14:09:00 PM
Period 1955-1960

Soon after its establishment, the National Planning Committee worked together with Ministries, branches and localities to build, synthesize and implement the plan for economic recovery after the war (1955-1957) and the 3 year plan of economic transformation and development (1958-1960) in the North.

In the first three years of 1955-1957, the National Planning Committee had plans focusing on completion of land reform across the North, carrying out the slogan "peasants own their rice-field" and form new production relations in countryside. For urban areas, the National Planning Committe had plans to restore manufacturing bases after withdrawal of enemy forces, move some from the war zones, restore main roads, recover systems of schools, hospitals, take over and maintain infrastructure and technology, and focuse on building a number of manufacturers of consumer goods.

In subsequent years, the National Planning Committee had plans for socio-economic transformation and development with the aim of establishing socialist production relation in countryside, conducting cooperative movement in agriculture, combining transformation of production relations with application of new techniques for construction and development of material and technical base in agriculture and rural areas. For urban areas, the Committee established plan for socialist transformation of non-agricultural sectors, forming handicraft cooperatives, service cooperatives, joint state and private enterprises and state-owned enterprises.

After only a short time, the Northern economy was basically restored, the feudal oppression and colonial economic regime was removed, economic sectors and several other sectors had been developed. The cause of socialist transformation in the North had initially obtained basic victory, being allowed to move on to a step of industrialization. The group of socio-economic managers, including staffs in planning sector had been grown to a higher level.


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