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Sunday, January 24 2021
Tiếng Việt
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Date 23/12/2014-14:11:00 PM
The first 5-year plan (1961-1965)

On the basis of the experience gained by building the two previous plans, the State Planning Committee began constitute the first 5 year plan in compatibility with national economic conditions. The main contents of this 5-year plan is to focus on industrialization in the North, in which, gave priority to development of heavy industry, construction of huge projects such as Thai Nguyen Iron and Steel Plant, Medium-sized Mechanical Factory, industrial parks in Hon Gai, Viet Tri, Nam Dinh, Ha Noi. Economic management mechanism at this stage used centralized planning with mandatory targets as tools to run the economy.

Basically, the goals of the 5-year plan has been completed, which initially formed aterial and technical facilities for the economy on the basis of new production relation, in which the forms of state and collective possession have been an impregnable position. However, in the switch to wartime planning, some targets were not achieved as planned. Even so, the achievements of the 5-year plan 1961 - 1965 implied great significance and were continuously promoted to serve the anti-Amerian resistance war towards triumph on April 30th, 1975. From that point, the staffs of planning section had obtained useful experience, which are the premises to build plans for assiting the South and opening Truong Son road for transportation of food, military ammunition to serve the battlefield later.


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