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Sunday, January 24 2021
Tiếng Việt
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Date 23/12/2014-14:13:00 PM
Development plan in wartime (1966-1975)

Under direct leadership of the Politburo, the State Planning Committee moved to build wartime economic plan in the North, plan of enlistment and logistics for the South. The economic guideline at that time was to focus on the construction to serve struggle such as bridges, roads, tunnels, warehouses, dispersed establishments; evacuation of economic establishments, schools, hospitals and research institutes,... The plan was focused on developing local industry, the consumer goods production and logistics service for the front. The main planning form was short-term plans, including annual plan, quarter plan, and at the high time of the war, it was supplemented by monthly plan for economic governance, especially in transportation, enlistment and logistics.

The short-term plans during period of 1969-1972, of 1973-1975 focused on the fundamental task of economic recovery in the North after each stage of destructive war, at the same time, also continued to take advantage of the aids and assistances of other countries to research a number of large projects planned to be built after the war such as the Hoa Binh hydropower, Apatit-Lao Cai mining plant, Song Cong Diesel plant, Bim Son cement plant, formulate master plans of war-torn urban areas and industrial parks such as Hon Gai, Vinh, a series of mechanical plants and coal mines ... Planning sector also actively involved in planning for assisting the struggle towards liberalization of the entire South, and national unification.

In the overview of the period 1966-1975, planning work had achieved many results for the strategic goal of this period which was to liberate the South and reunify the country. However, the war had affected the development of the country; the economy was fragmented and inefficient, affecting the next economic development plan. Also during this time, the State Planning Committee embarked on building longer-term plans such as plan on economic recovery and development 1969-1980, which was then adjusted to the plan on economic revitalization and development 1973-1975 after Paris Agreement.


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