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Sunday, January 24 2021
Tiếng Việt
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Date 23/12/2014-14:14:00 PM
10 years after reunification to the time before the reform era (1976-1985)

The 2nd 5-year plan (1976-1980): Even during the war years, the State Planning Committee prepared post-war economic reconstruction plan. In order to set up the first 5-year plan of the unified Vietnam (1976-1980), under the leadership of the Party, the Government, the State Planning Committee, together with the Ministries, localities urgently evaluated, surveyed the situation of the country, prepared projects and synthesized into 25 investment and development plans, being discussed in the Committee. In December 1976, the 4th National Congress of the Communist Party approved the 5-year plan for the period of 1976-1980 with two basic goals: to develop a step on technical infrastructure of Socialism, initially form new economic structure of the country with the most important structure of industry-agriculture, and improve the material and culture life of the people.

The State Planning Committee was actively involved in preparing the four major measures to implement the plan. The first measure is to reorganize the social production base, to redistribute productive forces in the country, to research long-term development master planning of the economic sectors, to plan to zone basic economic regions, to generally map the distribution of productive forces in the country, from which, to prepare long-term master plans for economic and cultural development of each province and district. The second measure is to improve the management, with the focus on improving the planning, ensuring the principle of democratic centralism in the process of planning; to build and issue laws, regulations on national economic planning; to implement economic accounting system in state-owned enterprises. The third one is to specify the contents on enhancing the effectiveness of the state system, firstly in economic management, avoiding the confusion of economic administration with business and production management. The fourth one is to launch mass movement to participate in undertaking missions and completing targets of the State Plan.

The 3rd 5-year plan (1981-1985) was built in the context in which the country was in a state of peace and being always ready to prepare to deal with the risk of war at the same time, therefore, the plan needed to ensure a positive balance for the two tasks of building and protecting the country.

The 5-year plan 1981-1985 was prepared in 1978. The State Planning Committee established five research groups in the key areas of the national economy to prepare planning framework. The State Planning Committee submitted reports on direction and tasks for 5-year socio-economic development with 11 major issues to the Political Bureau. The 5th National Congress of the Communist Party adopted this direction with the following overall targets: to meet the most urgent and essential needs, gradually stabilize people's life; to continue building the technical infrastructure of Socialism, mainly to boost agricultural production, consumption goods and export; to complete the socialist transformation in the South, to improve production relations in the North; to meet the needs of defending the country, to solidify national defense and keep social security.

In the implementation of 1981-1985 plan, the economy gained many achievements, production fairly increased, people’s life partly improved.

The State Planning Committee was actively involved in building the new economic mechanism in this period such as improving distribution of national income towards harmonious unity of state, collective and individual benefits; innovating methods and mechanisms for planning, reducing the number of mandatory targets, increasing autonomy of localities and at grassroots level; realizing the contents of Decree No.25/CP to "untie" state-owned enterprises and Directive No.100 of the Secretariat on renovating the contractual mechanism in agriculture; focusing capital on the most important works which have been crucially meaningful for the development of the whole national economy as Hoa Binh and Tri An hydropower plants, Bim Son and Hoang Thach cement plants, oil and gas exploration projects in the South ...


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