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Wednesday, September 19 2018
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Ngày 23/12/2014-09:35:00 AM
Deputy Minister Dao Quang Thu

Biography of Deputy Minister
Mr. Dao Quang Thu

Full Name:

Dao Quang Thu

Date of Birth:

04th August 1957

Place of Birth:

Doc Lap Commune, Hung Ha District, Thai Binh Province

Ethnic Group:




Professional Skill:

Master of Business Adminitration

Political Argument Level:

Advanced level

Member of Vietnamese Communist Party Dated:

03rd October 1983

Official Date:

03rd June 1985

Current Position:

MemberofCivil Affairs Committee of the MPI, Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment


a)Assisting the Minister in guiding the following fields:Synthesisation of 5-year and annual plans for socio-economic development; synthesisation of performance of quarterly and monthly plans for socio-economic development; synthesisation of territorial and local socio-economic development plans; public procurement management; finance, monetary issues, prices; office management of the Ministry and other duties allocated by the Minister;

b) Taking charge of supervising the Red River region and Northern pivotal economic zone;

c) Participating in Management Board of Vietnam Development Bank; Management Board of Vietnam Bank for Social Policies; and inter-sectorial committees established by Government and Prime Minister related to the domain of responsibility orassigned by the Minister;

d) Being Chairman of some Consultative committees of the Ministry; being vested by the Minister to sign documents, decisions for cadre policies, decisions for cadre appointment which does not belong to the direct management of Civil Affairs Committee and is not assigned to units of the Ministry.

e) Directly supervising the following departments: Public Procurement Agency, Department for Local and Territorial Economy; Finance and Monetary Department; Ministry Office.

Work Place:

Ministry of Planning And Investment, No6BHoangDieu Street,Ba DinhDistrict, Ha Noi

Office Tel.:

(84-80) 42166


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