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Wednesday, September 19 2018
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Date 30/10/2015-10:18:00 AM
Functions, responsibilities and structural organization of the Ministry Office
Decision No. 468/QĐ-BKH dated April 10th 2009 by the Minister of Planning and Investment

Article 1.The Ministry Office of the Ministry of Planning and Investment is the authority assisting the Minister in performing the functions of consolidation, coordination of activities of units under the Ministry in accordance with the work program and plan of the Ministry; managing the planning - finance work of the Ministry of Planning and Investment and the implementation of administrative and management work for the activities of the Ministry.

Article 2.The Ministry Office will have the following duties:

1. To consolidate the operations of the Ministry leaders and the units directly under the Ministry; assisting the Minister in coordination and operation the work aspects of the Ministry.

2. To make weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual work programs of the Ministry on the basis of work programs and related requirements of the Office of the Party Central Committee, the National Assembly Office and the Government Office. To urge the units directly under the Ministry to implement these programs after obtaining approval from the Minister.

To coordinate with units directly under the Ministry to prepare documents for meetings of the collective Ministry’s leadership; reports to submit to authorities of the Party, National Assembly, Government; to preside the preparation of reports on the Ministry’s operations on a periodic and extraordinary basis to superior authorities and other relevant authorities.

3. To preside and coordinate with related units in consolidating and protecting the Ministry's annual plan including plans for: finance, capital construction investment, implementing projects with domestic and foreign capital, training and retraining officers, scientific research, plans for internal and external delegations and other contents. To draft the expected plan allocation to the units of the Ministry for submission to the Minister for approval.

To organize management and implementation of the plans after they are approved in accordance with the law. To inspect, urge the implementation and periodically reporting to the Ministry's leadership.

4. To manage administrative, clerical, archives, storage work and information, communication of the Ministry; receiving, delivering documents into and out of the Ministry and managing the use of the seal of the Ministry and the Ministry Office; checkingdocument modalities and being responsible for the administrative procedures for documents issued by the Ministry; organizing document printing to serve the Ministry’s work; storing, maintaining confidential records, documents, messages, internal information as prescribed by law.

5. To organize and serve meetings, conferences and seminars of the Ministry; recording and storingminutes of the collective meetings of the Ministry for monitoring and supervision of implementation; presiding the welcome, reception and farewell of domestic and foreign delegations working in the Ministry. To preparecatering services for the delegations of the Ministry's leaders and picking up and seeing off the Ministry’s leaders going on working trips as specified.

6. To manage, use and instruct the use of financial resources, material facilities, assets, vehicles, work equipment of the Ministry; ensuring the conditions and means of work, travellingand health care for officers, employees and officials of the authority; managing the fundamental construction and repairing the Ministry’s headquarter.

7. To be in charge of military work and self-defense for the authority; managing the guard, firefighting forces; ensuring security, order and maintaining rules and labor discipline in the Ministry.

8. To coordinate with the Party Committee, Trade Union, Board of living of the Ministry and the units to take care and improve material and spiritual lives of officers and employees of the whole Ministry.

9. To implementofficial, public servant management regime as delegated and other duties assigned by the Minister of Planning and Investment.

Article 3.The Ministry Office has a seal. Leaders of the Office include: Chief of the Office and a number of assisting Deputy Chief of the Ministry Office. Organization of the Office consists of the following functional departments and divisions:

1. Clerical Division;

2. General PlanningDivision;

3. Administration Division;

4. Archives - LibraryDivision;

5. Reception Division;

6. Division of Finance;

7. Vehicle Management Division;

8. Protection Division;

9. Management Division;

10. Printing house (having a separate seal and account);

11. Office II (in Ho Chi Minh city, having a separate seal and account);

12. Office III (in Da Nang city, having a separate seal and account);

The personnel of the Ministry Office are separately determined by the Minister of Planning and Investment. According to job demands, the Chief of the Ministry Officie entitled to sign labor contracts after reaching an agreement with the Organization and Personnel Department.

Article 4.The Chief of the Ministry Office shall specify the tasks and personnel of each unit directly under the Ministry Office of the total approved personnel; developing work regulations of the Ministry Office andsubmitting to the Ministry leaders for approval.

Article 5.This Decision is valid from signing. The previous regulations contrary to this Decision are annulled.

Article 6.The Chief of the Ministry Office, Director of the Organization and Personnel Department and Heads of relevant units are responsible for implementing this Decision./.

Minister Vo Hong Phuc


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