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Tuesday, July 14 2020
Tiếng Việt
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Date 09/03/2017-09:10:00 AM
Minister Nguyen Chi Dung works with President of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
(MPI) – On March 07th 2017, at the headquarters of the MPI, Minister Nguyen Chi Dung had a meeting with President of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) Jin Liqun.

Minister Nguyen Chi Dung and President of AIIB Jin Liqun at the meeting. Photo: Minh Trang (MPI)

Speaking at the meeting, Minister Nguyen Chi Dung said that Vietnam has got significant achievements and life of people has been improved so much after 30 years of innovation. However, Vietnam’s infrastructure system has not met the demand of development, macroeconomic development not been stable, many fields, sectors and areas still faced difficulties and quality of human resource not met the demand. Vietnam has been restructuring the economy in line with innovating growth model and targets, improving productivity and competitiveness of the economy; at the same time focusing on three strategic breakthroughs, namely perfecting the socialist-oriented market economy institution; basically and comprehensively innovating education, training and developing human resource, especially high-quality one; building synchronous infrastructure system. Vietnam has been improving investment business climate, facilitating domestic and foreign firms, which are considered as driving force for growth.

Minister Nguyen Chi Dung highly appreciated the role of AIIB and said that demand on infrastructure of Vietnam is very high. So Vietnam desired AIIB to support large and pervasive transport infrastructure projects, especially those of Ho Chi Minh city and Ha Noi, including anti-flooding of Ho Chi Minh city, waste treatment, irrigation and climate change issues.

President Jin Liqun said that Vietnam has got many development potentials and its growth has been high recently. Infrastructural development is necessary to contribute to economic growth. AIIB is willing to lend to the private sector without the Government guarantee if projects ensure their economic – financial stability. In order to ensure that, AIIB requires the Government to guarantee the stability of policy, implement the commitments agreed by the two sides in the framework of the projects and strive for one project using AIIB loan to be approved in the fiscal year 2017. He also emphasized that AIIB would try to further support infrastructural development of Vietnam./.

Nguyen Huong
Ministry of Planning and Investment

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