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Saturday, August 8 2020
Tiếng Việt
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Date 11/02/2020-17:25:00 PM
Minister Nguyen Chi Dzung works with the Korean Investor Partnership on LNG projects
(MPI) - On February 11, 2020, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Planning and Investment, Minister Nguyen Chi Dzung worked with the Korean Investor Partnership to discuss the views of the Vietnamese Government on the policy direction in developing port warehouses and liquefied natural gas (LNG) power plants with the participation of foreign investors in port and LNG power plant projects.
Minister Nguyen Chi Dzung and General Director of Korean Gas Company Chae Hee-boong at the meeting.Photo: MPI

Speaking at the meeting, General Director Chae Hee-boong introduced the Korean Investor Partnership to attend the meeting, saying that Korean Gas Corporation has 5 LNG gas transshipment terminals in Korea with reserves of approximately 30million m3/year, is the largest gas corporations of the country.South Korean Electric Company is the largest gas generating company and Hanwha is also one of Korea's largest corporations.The Korean Investor Partnership hopes that its participation will help ensure energy security and contribute to Vietnam's green and clean energy development, as well as helping Vietnam to build LNG transshipment terminals, ... contributing to the development of localities and regions and the socio-economic development of Vietnam.

Mr. Chae Hee-boong said that Vietnam and South Korea had a trade surplus with the United States. The model of projects to import LNG from the United States that are expected to be invested by the Korean Investor Partnership will help to reduce Vietnam - United States trade surplus.

South Korean President Moon Jae In always highly respected the relationship between Vietnam and Korea and affirmed that Vietnam was a close friend and the strategic cooperation between the two countries should be further promoted.Therefore, the Korean Investor Partnership desires to invest effectively in port and LNG power plant projects in Vietnam, contributing to strengthening Vietnam-Korea strategic cooperation, Mr. Chae. Hee-boong emphasized.

Mr. Chae Hee-boong added that, the Korean Investor Partnership would like to invest in other fields in Vietnam besides the field of electricity and gas.

Panorama of the meeting.Photo: MPI

Speaking at the meeting, Minister Nguyen Chi Dzung assessed that Vietnam-South Korea cooperation was in a good development stage in all fields from investment, trade, tourism to culture and affirming that the two countries had the best relationship today.The Vietnamese Government attaches great importance to and wishes to promote this relationship to a new level.The Minister said that Vietnam and South Korea were two countries with many similar cultural characteristics and looked forward to continuing topromote cooperation for the mutual benefit of the two countries, for peace and regional stability.

Vietnam always appreciates Korean businesses with financial capacity, experience, technology, etc. And now, Korea's leading enterprises and large corporations being present in Vietnam, such as Samsung and LG, are contributing to the development of Vietnam.We highly welcomed other large Korean investors to continue investing in Vietnam, Minister Nguyen Chi Dzung emphasized.

Regarding the LNG project, the Ministry of Planning and Investment welcomed and supported the Korean Investor Partnership.Vietnam is in the process of development, its demand for electricity is high while hydropower has reached the threshold, thermal power affects the environment, and the source of quality coal gradually becomes scarce.Vietnam is shifting to clean, environmentally friendly, green energy, especially solar energy, wind power as well as NLG.This is done in line with Vietnam's guidelines and international trends, meeting the need to develop clean electricity.

The Minister hoped that the Korea Investor Partnership would be interested in the southern power projects, especially in localities with difficult conditions to help them develop.Therefore, the Korean Investor Partnership needs further discussions with related agencies to have effective and sustainable projects that benefit both sides.He also suggested that the Korean Investor Partnership study the 7th Electricity Planning VII, coordinating with relevant Vietnamese agencies to build projects and propose new power projects to the 8th Electricity Planning of Vietnam.Minister Nguyen Chi Dzung affirmed that the Ministry of Planning and Investment would always accompany Korean businesses to have the best investment projects, promoting the relationship between Vietnam and Korea./.


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