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Saturday, August 8 2020
Tiếng Việt
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Date 15/05/2020-19:36:00 PM
Minister Nguyen Chi Dzung receives Japanese Ambassador to Vietnam
(MPI) - On May 15, 2020, Minister Nguyen Chi Dzung had a cordial meeting with Japanese Ambassador to Vietnam Yamada Takio on the occasion of starting his new mission.
Minister Nguyen Chi Dzung and Ambassador Yamada Takio at the meeting.
Photo: MPI

At the meeting, Ambassador Yamada Takio thanked Minister Nguyen Chi Dzung for taking the time to welcome the delegation and share some problems that needed to be addressed to promote investment activities between the two countries in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic, including promoting public investment, boosting investment in the private sector, attracting investment in export processing zones.TheAmbassador emphasized that the Japanese Government and businesses expected to be good partners of Vietnam.Currently, there are many opportunities and potentials for development cooperation between the two countries.

Ambassador Yamada Takio said that there were currently more than one thousand Japanese experts who wanted to enter Vietnam to restore operation of enterprises and commit to comply with all conditions and measures that Vietnam adopts to prevent and fight against the epidemic.At the same time, it is emphasized that Japanese small and medium enterprises are very interested in the Vietnamese market. They will contribute to the development of Vietnam's supporting industry if attracted.

At the meeting, Minister Nguyen Chi Dzung congratulated the Ambassador on his important mission and believed that the Ambassador would succeed in his new position.At the same time, the Minister affirmed that the Ministry of Planning and Investment was committed to continue to work closely with the Japanese Embassy in Vietnam as well as the Ambassador in individual to strengthen and promote cooperation between the two countries, including investment activities, ODA, trade, tourism, culture, etc.

Minister Nguyen Chi Dzung highlighted that Japan was an important partner of Vietnam not only in the region but also in the world based on the comprehensive and strategic relationship in all fields in accordance with the needs of both countries.

Regarding the investment shift, Minister Nguyen Chi Dzung welcomed and highly appreciated Japanese investors intending to invest in Vietnam to form new supply chains.The Ministry of Planning and Investment and the Embassy of Japan in Vietnam should study and formulate a working group to attract Japanese enterprises to invest in areas and localities that Vietnam wishes to make more contributions to the socio-economic development of Vietnam.

Regarding Japan’s consideration of the non-refundable aid of Covid-19 - preventive medical equipment for Vietnam worth around 2 billion yen, Minister Nguyen Chi Dzung emphasized that Vietnam expected to receive the assistance.Vietnam would like to thank the Government and people of Japan for their abundant ODA provision in recent years, which had made great contributions to the socio-economic development of Vietnam.Vietnam's ODA demand remains large in order to restructure the economy and renew the growth model, so Vietnam wishes to continue to receive grants and preferential loans from the Government of Japan.

In terms of the development of the Law on Public-Private Partnership (PPP), Minister Nguyen Chi Dzung informed that the Ministry of Planning and Investment was currently finalizing the draft law and making final report to the National Assembly for review and approval at the next meeting. Vietnam hopes to continue receiving the comments from Japan and new Japanese projects participating in Vietnam's infrastructure works in this form after the PPP Law is enacted.

Panorama of the meeting.Photo: MPI

Minister Nguyen Chi Dzung underlined the issues of attracting Japanese businesses to invest smoothly and successfully in Vietnam, including large and medium and small-sized enterprises, to further contribute to Vietnam's socio-economic development.At the same time, the Ministry of Planning and Investment continued to closely coordinate with the Embassy as well as with the Ambassador in individual to bolster the cooperation between the two countries./.

Ministry of Planning and Investment

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