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Monday, August 2 2021
Tiếng Việt
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Date 07/08/2020-22:33:00 PM
Online Mid-term meeting of the Vietnam - Laos Cooperation Committee 2020
(MPI) - On August 7, 2020, an online mid-term meeting of the Vietnam-Laos Cooperation Committee in 2020 took place under the chairmanship of Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Van Trung, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam - Laos Cooperation Committee and Vice Chairman of Laos - Vietnam Cooperation Committee Khampheui Keokinnali.
Overview of the meeting at the video-conferencing spot in the Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnam.Photo: MPI
Attending the meeting were representatives of leaders from a number of relevant ministries, line ministries and localities of the two countries, including representatives from the Central Committee for Foreign Affairs, the Office of the Government, the Voice of Vietnam, representatives of ministries: National Defense, Public Security, Foreign Affairs, Planning and Investment, Finance, Transport, Education and Training, and some of the project management boards of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Nghe An province, and Thanh Hoa province.The meeting has an important meaning to re-evaluate the implementation of the cooperation agreement in the first months of the year, to draw up directions and promote the implementation in the last months of 2020, creating momentum for the good implementation of the cooperation plan in 2021 as well as the plan for the period of 2021-2025, and the cooperation strategy for the period of 2021-2030 between the two Governments.

Speaking at the meeting, Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Trung said that, due to the complicated developments of the Covid-19 pandemic, this was the first time that the two Committees held an online meeting.He also emphasized that, nothing could separate the trust, solidarity and good attachment between the two countries although it is not allowed to meet directly.

At the Lao video-conferencing spot, the Vice Chairman of the Lao-Vietnam Cooperation Committee, Khampheui Keokinnali, presented the report assessing the cooperation relationship between the two countries in the first 6 months of the year and said that, the two sides had ensured for the stable socio-political situation and mutual trust in general.The two sides kept exchanging work through the Internet although the Covid-19 pandemic made it difficult for the two sides to visit each other.

Deputy Chairman of Laos - Vietnam Cooperation Committee Khampheui Keokinnali speaking at the meeting.Photo: MPI

The Covid-19 pandemic directly affected the cooperation and trade relationship between the two countries, such as the national border gates was temporarily closed, the two-way trade turnover in the first 6 months was only 491.7 million USD compared to the same period in 2019, a fall by 14.76%;of which, import turnover from Vietnam reached 276.84 million USD, down by 20.23% over the same period last year. Investment of Vietnamese enterprises in Laos faced many difficulties in terms of investment capital. The registered capital is high while the realized capital remains low.

Vice Chairman of the Laos - Vietnam Cooperation Committee Khampheui Keokinnali informed about the cooperation situation in the transport,training and developing human resources sectors in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic;results of field checks and announcements on the progress of a number of projects funded by Vietnamese aid.The project owners from both sides actively implemented, completed and handed over 02 projects in 2020, i.e.: the project to build a gifted high school in Phonsavan town, Xiengkhuang province and a project onbuilding a high school in Boun Neua town, Phongsaly province.Other projects continue to be implemented but still face difficulties due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition, the two sides have not yet organized the full implementation of the Senior Leaders' Agreements as well as the 2020 Cooperation Agreement between the two governments of Laos and Vietnam due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.The majority of projects invested by Vietnam in Laos are affected, especially key projects in the field of hydropower, mining and rubber exploitation.Investment licensing and solving related administrative issues remains slow and cumbersome.The two sides have not yet summed up and evaluated the implementation of a one-stop pilot implementation at Densavan - Lao Bao international border gate as commanded by the higher officials.

Participating in the discussion at the meeting, representatives of ministries, line ministries and localities of the two countries agreed on the assessment contents of the implementation of the Vietnam - Laos Cooperation Agreement in the first 6 months and directions to promote implementing the tasks in the last months. They also pointed out that the Covid-19 pandemic had affected the results of the mutual investment cooperation and proposed recommendations and solutions to successfully implement the targeted goals as desired by the two Parties and the two Politburo.

At the meeting, Deputy Director General of Foreign Investment Department, Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnam Vu Van Chung informed about the investment situation of Vietnamese enterprises in Laos. He said that the Covid-19 pandemic had affected the operation of Vietnamese enterprises in general and Vietnamese enterprises in Laos in particular.In that context, Vietnamese enterprises have received the attention and coordination from Lao agencies to maintain production and business activities, minimizing the pandemic’s impact.The Lao government has promptly issued a policy to support businesses.In the first 8 months of 2020, investment by Vietnamese enterprises in Laos is about 85.6 million USD, of which 2 large-scale projects are adjusted to increase total investment, making an important contribution to mutual investment results.Vietnamese businesses hope to continue receiving assistance and facilitation from the Government of Laos.

Regarding situation forecasts in the coming time, Mr. Vu Van Chung said that the current pandemic would affect the world economy in general and Vietnam and Laos in particular. Currently, the two Governments are adopting very drastic measures and policies to support businesses to maintain production and business activities.However, FDI projects having a large demand for staff and experts expect the Lao Government to create conditions for experts to participate in the implementation of projects, as most of the impact on the progress of project implementation is due to lack of human resource.Therefore, Vietnamese enterprises hope that the Lao Government to consider and facilitate the entry of experts, and promise to strictly comply with the regulations on pandemic prevention.

Deputy Minister, Vice Chairman of Vietnam - Laos Cooperation Committee Nguyen Van Trung speaking at the meeting.Photo: MPI

In his concluding remarks, Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Trung highly appreciated the opinions of the delegates and put stress on the directions of cooperation in the last months of 2020 such as continuing to perfect and improve the effectiveness of the cooperation mechanism; well implementing the joint declaration and state-level agreements;coordinating to promote economic cooperation, with special focus on progress of key cooperation projects.He also suggested Laos creating conditions for Vietnamese enterprises to participate in the purchase and auction of assets in the process of equitization or acquisition of Lao enterprises as well as facilitating Vietnamese enterprises to seek opportunities and expand production and business in Laos.

In addition, improvement of the quality in education - training cooperation and human resource development continues to be prioritized and promoted. Efficiency and practicality in cooperation between ministries, branches, organizations and localities of the two countries will be improved. Mutual support in areas where the two sides have strengths should be encouraged.Measures to promote progress and improve the efficiency of Vietnamese aid for Laos, especially for important projects such as the National Assembly of Laos, Friendship Hospital in Houaphanh, Xiengkhuang continues to be implemented.

In particular, the Cooperation Committees of the two countries need to work closely to complete the development of the Vietnam-Laos Cooperation Strategy for the period 2021-2030 and the Vietnam-Laos Cooperation Agreement for the period of 2021-2025 to submit to competent authorities for consideration and approval.At the same time, it is requested that the Cooperation Committee of each country reports to the Prime Minister of each side on that work, and directly proposing urgent solutions to promote and enhance the effectiveness of Vietnam-Laos cooperation in the coming time, Deputy Minister Nguyen Van Trung emphasized./.

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