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Monday, September 27 2021
Tiếng Việt
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Date 28/08/2020-10:08:00 AM
Minister Nguyen Chi Dzung co-chaired the 12th Mekong-Japan Economic Ministerial Meeting
(MPI) - On August 27th, 2020, Vietnam's Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Chi Dzung and Japan’s Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Hiroshi Kajiyama, co-chaired a teleconference of the 12th Mekong-Japan Economic Ministerial Meeting. Attending were the Economic Ministers and Representatives from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand, ASEAN Secretary-General, business representatives from Mekong countries and Japan.
Minister Nguyen Chi Dzung speaking at the teleconference terminal in Vietnam. Photo: MPI

Speaking at the teleconference terminal in Vietnam, Minister Nguyen Chi Dzung said that the Ministers approved the Report on Mekong Industrial Development Vision 2.0 and assigned the Secretariat to develop a detailed work program and evaluation system to realize the above Report at the 11th Conference of Mekong - Japan Economic and Industrial Ministers held in Thailand in 2019.

With the active support of Japan’s Government, the Secretariat cooperated with Mekong countries, the business community and development partners to complete the work program, including cooperation projects between Mekong countries and Japan, projects proposed by the development partners and the evaluation system submitted to the Conference for consideration and approval.

Minister Nguyen Chi Dzung emphasized that the comments of Mekong and Japanese business community would be an important input in policy development for Mekong countries to create more favorable business environment as well as identifying orientations for Mekong-Japan cooperation in the coming time. He also expressed his belief that the Conference would have effective discussions, giving clear directions for the Secretariat to fully implement the Report on Mekong Industrial Development Vision 2.0 for the benefit of development and prosperity of the Mekong region and Mekong-Japan cooperation relationship.

Speaking at the Conference, the Ministers emphasized that the Report on Mekong Industrial Development Vision 2.0 (MIDV2.0) with three main pillars of Connection, Digital Innovation and Millennium Development Goals (SDGs) continued to be a solution for the balanced development of the Mekong region and would contribute to transforming the region into a more flexible economy. As noted in the previous Leaders' statements, the Ministers reaffirmed the need to further strengthen connectivity in the Mekong sub-region through the realization of MIDV2.0 with a note of regional needs and priorities.

Together with their efforts to counter the economic disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ministers acknowledged that it was important to address existing challenges from a medium to long-term perspective. Developing hard/soft infrastructure and related human resources is a key to further fostering connectivity in the Mekong sub-region, expanding intra-regional supply chains and ultimately leading to overall productivity improvements. In addition, Ministers shared their views that their efforts to respond to the recent changes of Covid-19 were giving Mekong countries the momentum to promote digital innovation and fulfill their SDG goals, the two important pillars of MIDV2.0.

Panorama of the Conference. Photo: MPI

At the conference, representatives of enterprises reported the results of the 13th Joint Meeting of Mekong - Japan Government Business Dialogue and the First Meeting of the AMEICC Working Group on West-East Corridor Development (AMEICC WEC-WG) in 2020 which was held online on July 17th, 2020. The Ministers appreciated the comments, especially the recommendations for the public and private sectors to cooperate to enhance cross-border trade facilitation in the Mekong sub-region through improving hard and soft infrastructure, and strengthening the supply chain in the Mekong sub-region by promoting investment and stable development of electricity and human resources.

Along with that, digital innovation in different fields needs to be further promoted to meet the challenges following the Covid-19 outbreak, fostering economic growth with solving social problems to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Ministers welcomed the Work Program to firmly implement MIDV2.0, which comprehensively synthesizes specific cooperation projects proposed by Mekong countries, Japan and development partners. MIDV 2.0's work program includes the East-West Economic Corridor and Southern Economic Corridor Improvement Project, Mekong and Japanese companies' cooperation project in digital innovation and cooperation of human resource development in pollution management within the framework of the SDGs.

The Ministers assigned the AMEICC Secretariat to monitor the Work Program to realize MIDV2.0 and report its implementation at the 12th Mekong - Japan Summit. As scheduled, the 13th Mekong-Japan Economic Ministerial Meeting will be held on the sideline of the 53rd ASEAN Economic Ministerial Meeting in 2021 in Brunei./.

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