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Monday, August 2 2021
Tiếng Việt
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Date 28/08/2020-10:13:00 AM
Minister Nguyen Chi Dzung worked with the General Director of Intel Products Vietnam
(MPI) - In the morning of August 27th, 2020, Minister Nguyen Chi Dzung had an online working session with General Director of Intel Products Vietnam Kim Huat Ooi.
Minister Nguyen Chi Dzung speaking at the meeting. Photo: MPI

At the meeting, Mr. Kim Huat Ooi presented the recent performance results of Intel Vietnam and made recommendations in the implementation of research and development (R&D) activities, technology innovation, deployment of modern assembly technology; becoming a capable partner in implementing science technology projects, smart city and technology 4.0; enhancing Intel's capacity in Vietnam to become a modern technology manufacturing factory, which produces the latest products and continues to be a leader in social responsibility in Vietnam. Intel Vietnam also provides recommendations and proposals related to corporate income tax and support to the implementation of R&D activities.

Speaking at the meeting, Minister Nguyen Chi Dzung suggested Intel have a program of human resource training to support Vietnamese enterprises who are eligible and qualified to participate in the value chain. This is also the policy of the Government of Vietnam in the process of attracting new generation of foreign investment, engaging in selective foreign investment cooperation, giving priority to projects with advanced technology, new technology, high technology, clean technology, modern governance, high added value, spillover effects, and connecting global production and supply chains.

He also emphasized that the Government of Vietnam in general and the Ministry of Planning and Investment in particular were very interested in science, technology and innovation. Accordingly, the Ministry has submitted to the Prime Minister to issue a decision to establish the National Innovation Center (NIC) with outstanding preferential mechanisms and policies to support and develop the start-up and innovative business, contributing to the reform of growth model on the basis of scientific and technological development, creating and mastering new technologies.

Minister Nguyen Chi Dzung emphasized that NIC had an important role and significance for Vietnam’s socio-economic development in the coming period to make a faster breakthrough and participate effectively in the global value chain. Therefore, Vietnam hopes that large corporations, including Intel, had a role and influence on this Center. Accordingly, Intel Corporation can locate an office, a research and development department in the Center to develop the innovation ecosystem, and having interest, companionship and support to buy equipment for share at the Center to serve research experts, institutes and enterprises.

Regarding the proposal suggested by Intel, Minister Nguyen Chi Dzung said that the (amended) Investment Law was passed by the National Assembly of Vietnam, which clearly stipulates the investment incentives and supporting policies, regulations on the principles and conditions for application of investment incentives, and so forth. Therefore, it is recommended that Intel Vietnam study and follow the provisions of the laws of Vietnam and recommend specific proposals and plans. On that basis, the Ministry of Planning and Investment continued to coordinate with Intel to exchange, agree and submit to the Government of Vietnam for consideration and approval.

With the results that Intel Vietnam has achieved in recent years and the contents proposed in the coming period, Minister Nguyen Chi Dzung believed Intel would become a symbol of cooperation between the United States and Vietnam. At the same time, he affirmed that the Ministry of Planning and Investment always accompanied and supported the activities of Intel Vietnam and hoped Intel to grow and succeed in the world in general and in Vietnam in particular.

Mr. Kim Huat Ooi thanked Minister Nguyen Chi Dzung for his time to work and valuable sharing information. He also expressed his pleasure at the Minister's proposal to develop a cooperation program between Intel Vietnam and NIC, which is part of the plan to apply technologies brought about by the Fourth Industrial Revolution in order to introduce new technologies and new products, to help domestic enterprises access these applications to innovate and gradually join the supply chain of large corporations and enterprises in Vietnam, including Intel./.

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