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Wednesday, August 17 2022
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Date 23/12/2019-10:18:00 AM
Functions, tasks and organizational structure of the Ministry Office
Decision No. 1868/QD-BKHDT dated December 21, 2017 by the Minister of Planning and Investment.

1. Functions, tasks and organizational structure of the Ministry Office

Decision No. 1868/QD-BKHDT dated December 21, 2017 by the Minister of Planning and Investment.

Article 1. Position and functions

The Ministry Office is a department affiliated to the Ministry of Planning and Investment, which assists the Minister in fulfilling the functions of advising, synthesizing and coordinating activities taken by other departments under the Ministry according to the Ministry's work program and plan; control administrative procedures; organize the implementation of the one-door and one-stop connection mechanism in settling administrative procedures under the Ministry's authority pursuant to laws; manage the planning - finance and properties of the Ministry of Planning and Investment and perform administrative tasks, management and reception for the Ministry's activities.

Article 2. Tasks

1. To advise on general affairs of the activities of the Ministry Leaders and the departments affiliated to the Ministry and assist the Minister in managing the Ministry's tasks.

2. To build weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual working programs of the Ministry's Leaders on the basis of the working programs and related requirements from the Office of the Party Central Committee, Office of the National Assembly, and Government Office, including:

- Developing, managing, monitoring, urging and making monthly, quarterly and annual reports on the implementation of the Ministry's work program and submitting them to the Prime Minister, the Government, the National Assembly, the Politburo, and the Secretariat of the Party Central Committee. To act as a focal point for monitoring, urging and inspecting departments to tasks assigned by the Government and the Prime Minister.

- Assuming the prime responsibility and coordinate with other departments in preparing documents for the ministerial briefings; making and submitting regular and irregular reports on the Ministry's work to the higher-level agencies and other relevant agencies.

3. To assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with concerned departments in summing up and providing explanation for the Ministry's annual plans as a level-I budget estimating unit, including plans on finance, construction investment fund, implementation of domestic and foreign funded projects, officer training, scientific research, plans for inbound and outbound delegations and other plans. To prepare the plan of fund allocation to the departments under the Ministry and submit it to the Minister for approval.

To organize the plan management and implementation after it is approved in accordance with the provisions of law. To Examine and urge implementation and periodically report to the Ministry leaders.

4. To manage the administration, clerical, archival and communication information of the Ministry; receive and send official dispatch and manage the use of the Ministry's seal and the Ministry Office; to check the document format and be responsible for the administrative procedures for documents issued by the Ministry; to organize document printing in service of the Ministry's work; to store, keep confidential records, documents, confidential information, internal information as prescribed by law.

5. To organize and serve meetings, conferences and seminars of the Ministry; record and save minutes of the Ministry’s collective meetings to monitor and urge the implementation; to preside over the reception and farewell parties of domestic and foreign delegations visiting and working at the Ministry head office. To arrange the logistics for delegations of Ministry leaders; to welcome and give Ministry leaders on working missions a send-off according to regulations.

6. To perform the financial task as a level-II and level-III budget estimating unit; manage, to use and guide the use of funding sources of the Ministry agencies.

7. To organize the management and use of material facilities, properties, working facilities and equipment of the Ministry's agencies; to ensure working conditions, means of transportation, travel and health care for officials and employees in the Ministry; to manage the construction and repair of Ministry offices.

8. To implement the control of administrative procedures, enforcing the one-door and one-stop connection mechanism in settling administrative procedures under the Ministry's competence.

9. To monitor and manage finance of ODA projects undertaken by departments under the Ministry.

10. To be responsible for military work and self-defense of the Ministry; to manage the security, fire prevention and fighting teams; to ensure security, order, and maintain internal regulations and labor discipline in the Ministry.

11. To coordinate with the Party Committee, Trade Union, the Ministry’s Welfare Policy unit and departments to care and improve the material and spiritual life for officials and employees in the Ministry.

12. To perform other duties as assigned by the Minister.

Article 3. Organizational structure

Ministry Office has a seal. Office leaders include: Chief of Office and a number of Deputy Chiefs of Office.

The Office consists of the following divisions and functional units:

1. The Secretary Division;

2. Division of Administrative Procedures – General Affairs;

3. Division of Planning - Finance;

4. Division of Documents - Archives;

5. Division of Reception;

6. Division of Accounting;

7. Division of Administration;

8. Division of Vehicle Management;

9. Division of Security;

10. Office II (in Ho Chi Minh City, having its own seal and bank account);

11. Office III (in Da Nang city, having its own seal and account).

The Chief of the Ministry Office specifies tasks and personnel for each unit of the Ministry Office within the scope of the functions, tasks and staff assigned by the Minister. According to work needs, the Chief of the Ministry Office is entitled to sign a labor contract after agreement with the Department of Organization and Personnel.

Article 4. Effect

This Decision takes effect from the date of signing. The previous regulations contrary to this Decision are now annulled.

Article 5. Implementation responsibilities

The Director of Department of Organization and Personnel, Chief of the Ministry Office and Heads of departments and agencies under the Ministry are responsible for the implementation of this Decision./.

Ministry of Planning and Investment

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