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Date 04/11/2015-16:33:00 PM
Functions, Responsibilities and Structural Organization of the National Centre for Socio - Economic Information and Forecast
Decision No. 143/2009/QD-TTg dated December 31, 2009 by the Prime Minister.

Article 1. Positions and functions

1. The NationalCentrefor Socio - EconomicInformationandForecast which is a national non-business and scientific organization directly under the Ministry of Planning and Investment, implements the function of building the information system for the State management of socio-economy; makes forecast and warning on the domestic and foreign socio-economic situation; provides public services according to the legal regulations.

2. The NationalCentrefor Socio-economicInformationandForecast has its legal personality, seal, separate account and head office in Hanoi City and operating expenditures financed by the State budget.

Article 2. Duties and powers

The NationalCentrefor Socio-economicInformationandForecast shall implement the following duties and powers:

1. To organize investigation, collect domestic and international socio-economic information.

2. To analyze, consolidate feedback information and assess the effect of mechanism, policy of law on socio-economic development.

3. To provide information for policy making, the State management in socio-economy.

4. To make socio-economic forecast annually and in every plan period; to consolidate and analyze extraordinary socio-economic changes to give warning and propose the State management agencies to adjust the policy during its implementation of strategies, plans on socio-economic development of the country.

5. To construct the system of socio-economic information database.

6. To supply public services:

a) To deploy scientific research programs on the fields: socio-economic information, forecast, socio-economic warning and other scientific researches as prescribed by the law;

b) To make consulting activities in the fields of socio-economic forecast and warning;

c) To make professional, operational training, fostering in the fields of socio-economic information, forecast and warning;

d) To compile and publish publications and scientific research works, research documents on socio-economic information, forecast and warning as stipulated by the law.

7. To make theoretical research and methodology of socio-economic forecast and warning.

8. To perform international cooperation in the fields of socio-economic information, forecast and warning as assigned by the Minister of Planning and Investment.

9. To manage the organization of apparatus, personnel and finance, properties as delivered according to the legal regulations and under the decentralization of the Minister of Planning and Investment.

10. To perform other duties and powers granted by the Minister of Planning and Investment and under the legal regulations.

Article 3. Organizational structure

1. Information Development and Source Division;

2. General Administration Division;

3. Analysis and Forecast Division;

4. World Economy Division;

5. Corporate Information and Market Division;

6. Applied Information Technology Research and Development Division;

7. Agency Offices;

8. Branch in Ho Chi Minh City;

9. Socio-economic Information and Forecast Review;

Article 4. Leadership

1. The NationalCentrefor Socio-economicInformationandForecast has the Director and not more than 03 deputy directors.

2. The Director and deputy directors shall be appointed, dismissed and resigned by the Minister of Planning and Investment as stipulated by the law.

3. The Director regulates functions, duties, powers and organizational structure of subordinate units; appoints, dismisses and resigns leaders, the deputy leaders of subordinate units as regulated by the law and under the decentralization of the Minister of Planning and Investment.

4. The Director takes responsibility for all activities of the Centre to the Minister of Planning and Investment and to the law. The Deputy Directors take responsibility for the field of work as assigned to the Director and to the law.

Article 5. Implementation validity and responsibility

1. This Decision shall take effect from February 14, 2010.

To annul Decision No.186/2004/QD-TTg dated October 29, 2004 by the Prime Minister regulating the functions, duties, powers and organizational structure of the NationalCentrefor Socio-economicInformationandForecast.

2. The Minister, the heads of ministry-levelagencies, the heads of agencies directly under the Government, the Chairpersons of People’s Committees of provinces and centrally-runcities and the Director of the NationalCentrefor Socio-economicInformationandForecast take responsibility to implement this Decision./.

Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung


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