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Tuesday, August 16 2022
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Date 26/06/2018-09:08:00 AM
Functions, responsibilities and organizational structure of the Financial and Monetary Department
Decision No. 1862/QĐ-BKHĐT dated December 21st, 2017 by the Minister of Planning and Investment.

Article 1. Position and functions

The Financial and Monetary Department under the Ministry of Planning and Investment assists the Minister to perform State management functions over planning in the finance, monetary service, and inflation management.

Article 2. Tasks

1. To determine the duty and plan orientation of the finance, monetary service and inflation management associated with the duty orientation of socio-economic development in each plan period.

2. To preside over, coordinate with related units in the building and synthesizing general balances on finance, monetary service: financial, monetary and State budget balances, credit balance; annual and medium-term plan on the growth of investment credit, policy credit of the State. To act as the key standing agency for coordination mechanism in macroeconomic management.

3. To act as a focal point for coordination with the Ministry of Finance in formulating the national 5-year financial plan; 3-year financial - state budget plan and annual budget plan; managing public debt, medium-term debt management program and annual detailed plan on loan and debt repayment of the Government; participating in the research and formulation of the taxes, charges, and fees policies.

4. To act as a focal point in coordinating with the State Bank of Vietnam for the formulation, promulgation of mechanisms and policies of state management on currency, banking and foreign exchange, international balance of payments, restructuring and dealing with bad debts of credit organizations; contribution of capital, hold, increase, reduction of investment capital in other credit organizations.

5. To act as a focal point in assisting the Minister in managing national targeted programs: Synthesizing, proposing the general management and administration mechanism; synthesizing, proposing the 5 year and annual plans on capital for development investment of the central budget; synthesizing and assigning the 5 year and annual plans to implement the programs (targets, tasks of development investment capital and non-business capital).

6. To coordinate with the Department for National Economic Issues in allocating the public investment capital. To coordinate with the Department of Science, Education, Natural Resources and Environment in synthesizing duties and expenditures for basic investigation.

7. To research, propose guidelines, measures, mechanism and policy in the fields of finance, monetary service, inflation management, stock market , insurance, investment credit and policy credit of the State, microfinance; to participate in building the mechanism and policy related to finance, monetary service, inflation and corporate finance for the Ministries and branches to submit and promulgate upon their authority.

8. To monitor, assess the implementation of the financial, monetary and inflationary plans, report the monthly, quarterly and annual situations, propose solutions to settle obstacles during the implementation.

9. To act as a focal point in synthesizing plans of the Ministry of Finance, State Audit, State Bank of Vietnam, Vietnam Bank for Social Policies, Vietnam Development Bank, and other financial and credit institutions.

10. To perform other duties assigned by the Minister of Planning and Investment.

Article 3. Organizational structure

The Financial and Monetary Department has a Director General and a number of Deputy Directors-General; the Department works in accordance with the one-head regime combined with the specialist regime; the Department’s personnel is determined by the Minister of Planning and Investment.

Article 4. Entry into force

This Decision takes effect on the date of its signing. The previously promulgated regulations which are contrary to this Decision are annulled

Article 5. Implementation responsibilities

The Director-General of the Organization and Personnel Department, Chief of the Ministry Office, Director General of the Financial and Monetary Department and Heads of relevant units directly under the Ministry are responsible for implementing this Decision./.

Minister of Planning and Investment


Nguyen Chi Dung

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Ministry of Planning and Investment

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