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Saturday, December 3 2022
Tiếng Việt
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Date 26/09/2020-14:37:00 PM
Report on foreign direct investment in the first 9 months of 2020

As of September 20th,2020,the total newly registered capital, adjusted capital and capital contribution or share purchase by foreign investorsreached21.20billionUSD,equaling 81.1%compared to the same period last year.Capital generated by FDI projects was estimated at13.76billionUSD,or96.8%over the same period last year.

Accumulated as of September 20th, 2020, the whole country had 32,658validprojects with total registered capital of381.5billionUSD.The accumulated realized capital of foreign direct investment projects was estimated at225.8billionUSD, equaling59.1%total valid registered investment capital.

Details are as follows:


1. FDI attractionin thefirst 9 monthsof 2020

1.1.FDI performance:

Realized capital:

As of September 20th, 2020, foreign direct investment projects were estimated to disburse13.76billion,or96.8% comparedwith the same period last year.

1.2.Investment registration

As of September 20th, 2020, total newly registered capital, adjusted capital and capital contribution or share purchase by foreign investorsreached21.20billion USD,or81.1%compared to the same period last year.

Of which:

Newly registered capital:There were 1,947new projects grantedwith investment certificates(ayear-on-year decrease of 29.4%). Total registered capital reached 10.36billionUSD(ayear-on-year decrease of 5.6%).

Adjusted capital:There were 798times of projects registered for adjustment of investment capital (a year-on-year decrease of 23%).Total additional registered capital reachedover 5.11billionUSD(up by6.8%compared with the sameperiod last year).Adjusted capital in9months increasedthanks to the capital expansion of Vietnam Southern Petrochemical Complex Project in Ba Ria-Vung Tau (Thailand) by 1,386 billion USD and that of the project of West Lake Urban Center West (South Korea) by 774 million USD.

Capital contribution and share purchase:There were5,172times of capital contribution and share purchase by foreign investors (a year-on-year fall of 20.5%). The total value of capital contribution was worth5.73billionUSD(equal to 55.1%compared to same period last year).The proportion of capital contribution and share purchase in the total investment capital also decreased significantly compared to the same period last year(fromnearly40% in the9months of 2019 to27% in the9months of 2020).

(Detailed tables in Appendix I attached to the report).

By sector:

Foreign investors have invested in18sectors, of which the processing and manufacturing led with total investment capital of almost 9.9billion USD, accounting for 46.6%of the total registered investment capital.Electricity production and distribution ranked second with investment capital of over 4.3billionUSD, accounting for20.6% of total registered investment capital.It is followed by the real estate business, wholesale and retail with the total registered capital of nearly 3.2billionUSD and1.3billionUSD.The rest are other sectors.

By counterpart:

There are 111 countries and territories investing in Vietnam.Singapore led the list with total investment capital of 6.77billion USD, accounting for32% of total investment capital in Vietnam;South Korearanked secondwith investment of3.17billionUSD, accounting for15% of total investment capital.Chinaranked third with registered investment capital of1.87billionUSD, accounting for8.8% of total investment capital.Next were Japan, Thailand,Taiwan, etc.

In terms of the number of new projects, Korea ranked first(499projects);China ranked second (271projects);Japan ranked third (209projects);followed by Singapore (174projects).

By location:

Theforeign investorshave invested in60provinces andcitiesnationwide.Bac Lieucontinued tolead the list with a large project worth 4 billion USD, accounting for18.8% of total registered investment capital.Ho Chi Minh Cityrankedsecondwith total registered capitalof3.25billionUSD, accounting fornearly 15.3%of total investmentcapital (of which investment was mainly in the form of capital contribution and share purchase, accounting for78.7% of the City’s total registered investment capital).Hanoiranked third with2.92billionUSD, accounting for13.8% of total investment capital(of which investment in the form of project expansion and capital contribution and share purchase accounted for 42% and 41.9% of the city’s total investment capital, respectively).Next are Ba Ria - Vung Tau, Binh Duong, HaiPhong, and so on.

Regarding the number of new projects, Ho Chi Minh City led the list (719projects);Hanoi ranked second (409projects);Bac Ninh ranked third (119projects).

(Detailed tables are in Appendix II attached to the report).

Several major projectsin September and thefirst9monthsof 2020:

In September 2020 only:

(1)BT1 Wind Power FarmProject(invested by Philippine investors) inQuang Binh with total investment of156.8million USD.

(2)BT2Wind Power FarmProject(invested by Philippine investors) inQuang Binh with total investment capital of138.2million USD.

(3)Brotex VietnamYarn FactoryProject(invested by Chinese investors)inTay Ninh, adjusted to increase investment capital by50million USD.

In the first 9 months of 2020

(1) Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Plant Project under the operation of Bac Lieu LNG Thermal Power Centre (invested by Singaporean investors) having total registered investment capital of 4 billion USD with the goal of producing electricity from liquefied natural gas (granted with a certificate of competency on January 16th, 2020).

(2) The South Vietnam Petrochemical Complex Project (invested by Thai investors) in Ba Ria - Vung Tau with an increase of adjusted investment capital by 1,386 billion USD (adjusted Investment Certificate dated April 18th, 2020).

(3) Radian Jinyu Tire Manufacturing Plant Project (Vietnam) with total investment of 300 million USD aimed at producing full steel TBR tires invested by Chinese investors in Tay Ninh (granted with a certificate of investment on January 1st, 2020).

(4) Victory Project - A factory manufacturing high-tech electronic products in Dong Van, Ha Nam (invested by Taiwanese investors), worth 273 million USD with the goal of manufacturing and assembling electronic computer and computer auxiliary equipment, production of civil electronic audio and visual equipment (granted with a certificate of competency on April 1st, 2020)

(5) Office Building project at 29 Lieu Giai (invested by Singaporean investors) with expanded investment capital by 246 million USD (adjusted Investment Certificate issued on March 31st, 2020).

2.Evaluation of the FDI performance in September and the first 9 months of 2020

- The second Covid-19 surge in the world and Vietnam has had certain impacts on foreign investment flows into our country recently.However,foreign investors still maintain good business operations and strongly believe in Vietnam's investment environment.Many foreign investors remain interested and expect to invest in Vietnam.Foreseeing the trend, the Ministry of Planning and Investment has beenactivelyorganizedteleconferenceson investment promotionsuchas "Vietnam-a rising star" within the framework of a series of activities focusing on ASEAN by Standard Chartered Bank, of which the first event was the ASEAN Standard Chartered Business Forum 2020, held online with the participation of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and 4,700 delegates from around the world, andVietnam -SingaporeOnline Investment Promotion Teleconference.

- Although investors’ travel have been supported with thousands of experts entering into Vietnam, a large number of experts have not entered Vietnam yet, causing difficulties for business activities as well as new investment decisions and project expansion.The number of new projects,capital adjustmentand capital contribution and share purchase by foreign investors decreased compared to the same period last year.The above results, though decreased compared to the same period, remain better than those of many other countries, showing the attractiveness of Vietnam in the eyes of international investors in the context of the strong decline in global investment due to the Covid-19 effects.

3.Accumulated foreign investment as ofSeptember20th,2020

Accumulated as of September 20th,2020, thewhole country had 32,658valid projects with total registered capital of nearly 381.5billionUSD.The accumulated realized capital of FDI projects was estimated at 225.8billion USD, equaling 59.1% of the total valid registered capital.

- By sector: foreign investors have invested in 19/21 sectors in the national economic classification system, of which the processing and manufacturing sector accounted for the highest proportion with 222.92billion USD, accountingfor 58.4% oftotal investment capital, followed by real estate business with59.6billion USD (accounting for15.6% of total investment capital);electricity production and distribution with27.6billion (accounting for7.3% of total investment).

- By counterpart: In September, 2020, there are new projects from Colombian investors, bringing the total number of countries and territories with valid investment projects in Vietnam to 138.Of which, South Korea ranked first with registered capital ofnearly70.14billion USD (accounting for 18.4% of total investment).Japan ranked second withnearly59.9billion USD (capturing 15.7% of total investment capital), followed by Singapore, Taiwan,and Hong Kong.

- By location: FDI has been present in all 63 provinces and cities nationwide, of which Ho Chi Minh City is still the leading province in attracting foreign investment with 47.8billion (accounting for12.5% total investment);followed byHanoiwith39billion USD (accounting for10.2% of total investment capital);Binh Duongwithover 35billion USD (accounting for9.2% of total investment capital).

(Detailed tables in Appendix III to the report)


In thefirst9months of 2020, Vietnam’s total newly registered investment and expanded investment outflows were 432.12million USD,up by 0.1% over the same period last year.Of which,96projects were newly registered with total investment of 268.35million USD (a year-on-year decrease of12.8%)and28times of investment adjustment with capital gain of163.76million USD(a rise of 13.2% compared to the same period last year).

In September, 2020 only, 10 projects were granted with newinvestment registration certificates and 3 times of projects were expanded with the total new and additional investment capital of101.9million USD (a month-on-month fall of 59.8%).

Vietnamese investors have invested in 13 sectors abroad.Of which, processing and manufacturing led the list with10new projectsand7times of capital adjustment obtaining registered capital of 227.7million USD, accounting for52.7% oftotal investment capital.Professional, scientific and technical activities rankedsecond with 62.5 million USD, accounting for nearly 14.5%;followed byfinance,bankingand insurance;accommodation and catering services.

There are25countries and territories receiving investment from Vietnam in thefirst9months of 2020. Leading is Germanywith4new investment projects worth92.6million USD, accounting for21.4% of the total investment.Australiaranked second with71.7millionUSD, accounting for16.6%.Followed byUnited States,Laos, and Myanmar, etc.

(Detailed tables in Appendix IV to the report).

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