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Sunday, November 28 2021
Tiếng Việt
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Date 16/10/2021-13:42:00 PM
Promoting national and international innovation activities
(MPI) – Speaking at the Launching Ceremony of the Vietnamese Innovation Network in Europe (VINEU) on October 16th, 2021, Deputy Minister (DM) Tran Duy Dong said that the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) had deployed many projects to encourage and create the most favorable conditions for the Vietnamese young expert and intellectual community to participate in promoting national and international innovation activities over the past time.
DM Tran Duy Dong attending at the Ministry of Planning and Investment point. Photo: MPI

The Ceremony was held virtually. Attending from the Europe point were Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Vietnam to Netherlands Pham Viet Anh; Vietnamese Ambassador to Finland Dang Thi Hai Tam; Counselor in charge of investment at the Vietnamese Embassy in Germany Nguyen Manh Hai, and representatives of Vietnamese Embassies in European countries.

Participants from international points were the Presidents of the Vietnamese Innovation Network in Finland, Australia, Japan, Republic of Korea and representatives of political, social and business organizations in other countries. From the Vietnam point, there was Vice Chairman of the State Committee on Overseas Vietnamese Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) Ngo Huong Nam; Director of Vietnam National Innovation Center (NIC), the MPI Vu Quoc Huy, and representatives of selected enterprises and corporations.

The VINEU gathers Vietnamese experts, intellectuals, scientists and businesses at all fields, who are currently living, researching, studying and working in European countries. The VINEU was established with a mission of creating an integrated solidarity community in the region, contributing to promoting the sustainable development of Vietnam and the world through innovation and science - technology.

At the German Embassy, Mr. Nguyen Manh Hai, Counselor in charge of investment at the Vietnamese Embassy in Germany stated that however different the innovation definitions were, they were all for the purpose of creating new value and changes; actively and effectively taking advantage of opportunities brought by the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and promoting the model of rapid and sustainable growth and development based on science, technology, innovation and high-quality workforce. One of the crucial and critical goals of creating an innovation network is to build a joint community for knowledge sharing and development cooperation. Therefore, it is important to establish a network to gather scientists, experts and enterprises to research, create new ideas and products for life.

The fact that the MPI had the initiative to establish an innovative network in many countries and organize networking events, bringing more than 1,000 global experts together was a significance, Mr. Nguyen Manh Hai emphasized. Europe is a long-standing and strong center of science and technology, therefore the establishment of the VINEU will create strength and share knowledge about science and technology with numerous highly qualified experts. The Vietnamese Embassy in Germany always supports and accompanies to facilitate the development of networks in other countries in general and in Germany in particular; gathers highly qualified intellectuals, scientists and experts, connecting innovation networks to contribute to innovation as well as socio-economic development in Vietnam.

Director of NIC Vu Quoc Huy. Photo: MPI

As referred by Director of NIC Vu Quoc Huy, the initiative to establish the Vietnamese Innovation Network of the MPI is to connect Vietnamese experts and intellectuals domestically and abroad to prepare a high-quality human resource, helping innovation become an important driving force, contributing to a fast and sustainable economic growth.

Therefore over the past time, NIC has received the companionship and support of many Vietnamese Innovation Network members in other countries, helping to connect with many resources and introducing many experts to participate in domestic projects of science, technology and innovation. The establishment of the VINEU results from the activities and connection between NIC and the Vietnamese in Europe to contribute to the socio-economic development of Vietnam. The event is also an important milestone as NIC has just celebrated its 2-year anniversary. NIC will continue to be the sponsor, coordinator and supporter for the activities of the VINEU and other network members to gather and promote the great knowledge resources of Vietnamese people worldwide in the coming time.

At the webinar, representatives of the Vietnamese Innovation Network in Finland, Australia and Japan had shared an overview on the operation and expected programs in the coming time. Representative of the Vietnamese Innovation Network in Australia informed that the network was established in 2019 as the Minister of Planning and Investment paid a visit for work in Australia. The network focuses on the strengths of the two countries such as agriculture and minerals, in order to support science and technology transfer and economic development of Vietnam. The network has organized particular activities associated with the practice of Vietnam and Australia, especially in the context of the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

President of the VINEU Nguyen Viet Anh presenting the network’s overview. Photo: MPI

Presenting the network’s overview, President of the VINEU Nguyen Viet Anh believed the network to be a place to gather Vietnamese experts and intellectuals in Europe, implementing science and technology into the development of Vietnam. The network's mission is to boost Vietnam to become a great power through innovation, science and technology; becoming the world's innovation center; being united for a sustainable development and affirming its position; bringing community and professional value.

The key activities are linking, sharing professional experiences and developing Vietnamese intellectual systems in Europe in various fields; assessing the market and trends in the host countries in particular and the world in general; updating scientific research and advanced technical technology; associating business, investment, technology transfer, investment attraction for Vietnamese innovative start-ups; being a bridge to build and foster relations in science, technology, diplomacy, economy and trade between Vietnam, European countries and the world; etc.

According to Ngo Huong Nam, Vice Chairman of the State Committee for Overseas Vietnamese Affairs of MoFA, currently there are 5.3 million overseas Vietnamese with more than half of a million being experts and intellectuals. This is an important resource, contributing to the country’s development. As innovation networks being created and developed in different countries with various innovation competitions, overseas Vietnamese innovation ecosystems are also taking shape and growing with the mentioned event as the major step for the foundation of the innovation system in Europe.

DM Tran Duy Dong speaking at the Ceremony. Photo: MPI

Speaking at the Ceremony, DM Tran Duy Dong stressed that this event marked a new development of the Vietnamese intellectual community in Europe and contributed to innovation activities in Vietnam. He highly aprreciated the efforts of the VINEU Provisional Executive Board for their active coordination with NIC and network members in other countries to establish the VINEU.

The Party’s Resolution of the 13th National Congress set out a guiding point to have a breakthrough mechanism to attract and utilize talents, promote innovation, actively apply science and technology, especially the achievements of the 4IR and create motivation for rapid and sustainable development.

The MPI has deployed many activities to promote domestic and international innovation throughtout the years. Since 2018, the MPI had an idea of establishing the Vietnam Innovation Network to gather Vietnamese intellectuals and scientists around the world to connect with domestic organizations, businesses and experts to perform science, technology and innovation activities.

NIC was established by the Prime Minister in 2019 to support and develop the start-up and innovation ecosystem, contributing to innovating the growth model on the basis of science and technology development; operating and developing the national innovation network. The Vietnamese Innovation Network has made positive progress and has had four network members in Germany, Australia, Japan, and Republic of Korea with more than 1,000 participants in over 20 countries and territories so far.

The establishment of the Vietnamese Innovation Network is one of the key missions of NIC to realize the Government's determination for the achievement of rapid and sustainable development based on science, technology and innovation.

As mentioned by DM Tran Duy Dong, the establishment of the VINEU is hoped to favor access to technology and innovation in European nations, promoting the force of Vietnamese intellectuals and experts who has had a time studing, working and gaining valuable experiences in Europe. The VINEU in particular and innovation networks in other countries are the “extension arms” of the Government and the MPI, with NIC as the focal point, aiming to access and exploit domestic innovative resources, expanding investment and business cooperation opportunities; consulting and supporting domestic innovation activities in accordance with international practices, notably in the fields of artificial intelligence, big data, smart city, filtech, especially in the sector of health care, etc.

The MPI expressed the gratitude towards Vietnamese expert and intellectual community in Europe for their active promotion of the establishment of the VINEU and connection with many businesses, corporations, research institutes and universities in the European region. The Ministry also thanked agencies, organizations and businesses, especially the Vietnamese Embassies in Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Hungary, and Austria for their close cooperation and favorable conditions for the establishment of the VINEU, and hoped to continue to receive their companionship and support in the future.

The discussion at the meeting showed a belief that the VINEU would prove its strengths and potentials, becoming one of the pioneers to boost innovation activities of young Vietnamese intellectuals worldwide and enthusiastically participate and support domestic innovation activities./.

Bao Linh
Ministry of Planning and Investment

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