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Thursday, January 20 2022
Tiếng Việt
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Date 21/10/2021-15:16:00 PM
Launching workshop of the National Report 2020: Five-year progress of Sustainable Development Goals implementation
(MPI) – A launching workshop of the National Report 2020: Five-year progress of Sustainable Development Goals implementation (SDG National Report 2020) was organized by the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) in cooperation with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and Hanns Seidel Foundation from Germany in the morning of October 21st, 2021.

The workshop was attended by both online and onsite participants, including relevant ministries, sectors, local and international organizations, Embassies, United Nations agencies in Vietnam, provincial representatives and several selected experts.

Director General of the Department of Science, Education, Natural Resources
and Environment Le Viet Anh. Photo: MPI

At the workshop, Le Viet Anh, Director General of the Department of Science, Education, Natural Resources and Environment, the MPI said that Vietnam has issued the National Action Plan (NAP) for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda under the Prime Minister’s Decision No. 622/QD-TTg dated May 10th, 2017 on implementing international commitments. The NAP sets out 17 SDGs with 115 specific targets by nationalizing the global SDGs according to Vietnam’sdevelopment and conditions.

The participation and contributions of relevant ministries, sectors, localities and political-social, national and international organizations have been emphasized in the NAP to implement Vietnam's SDGs by 2030. The MPI has been assigned as the focal point to coordinate with stakeholders to implement this essential NAP.

The MPI has coordinated with relevant ministries, agencies, sectors and organizations to draft the National SDGs Report 2020. The Report’s objectives are to evaluate the 5-year progress of SDGs implementation in Vietnam and to anticipate the possibility of achieving the SDGs by 2030. The Report also presents challenges and difficulties in the implementation process of SDGs and proposes solutions to promote the implementation of SDGs in the coming time. The assessment of results and possibility to obtain the SDGs is based on Vietnam's Sustainable Development Statistical Indicators and Vietnam's Roadmap of the SDGs implementation by 2030.

The Report is finalized with comments from stakeholders and members of the National Council for Sustainable Development and Competitiveness Enhancement. The Report was submitted by the MPI to the Prime Minister and approved in early March 2021.

The Report is based on official statistics up to the end of 2019, before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. Accordingly, Vietnam would be likely to achieve 5 out of 17 VSDGs by 2030, including SDG 1, 2, 4, 13 and 17. Globally, Vietnam’s rank on the SDGs performance has continuously improved in the 2016-2020 period. In particular, Vietnam is ranked 49th out of 166 countries on SDGs index, increasing 5 grades in comparison to that in 2019. However, Vietnam will face multiple challenges to achieve the remaining SDGs, especially SDG 12 and SDG 14.

Vietnam continued to gain impressive achievements in implementing the SDGs and was recognized by the international community in the period of 2016-2020. The achieved results are based on the participation and contributions of all stakeholders. It is affirmed that the sustainable development is a consistent policy of the Party and Government of Vietnam in providing and improving mechanisms and policies associated with the SDGs, focusing on disadvantagesto ensure “leaving no one behind”. Vietnam Fatherland Front and its affiliated units, business communities, social organizations and development partners have made many crucial contributions to the SDGs implementation.

Director General Le Viet Anh further emphasized that despite the encouraging achievements, Vietnam still faces many difficulties and challenges in remaining the achieved results towards the SDGs achievement by 2030. The current socio-economic development still has many restrictions and limitations, especially the heavy impact of the COVID-19 such as growth slowdown,risks of falling into the middle-income trap and falling further behind in the economy; high pressure on infrastructure development and environmental pollution treatment; resource degradation, complicated natural disasters and climate change; rich-poor gaps and the increasingly differentdevelopment among some regions, areas and localities; asynchronousness and overlapping in policy documents, and low effectiveness of policies; and difficulties in the resource mobilization to meet the needs for the SDGs implementation now and in the coming years , especially in the global impact of the COVID-19.

The Report analyses the direct and immediate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the achievement of some Goals, such as Goals 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, and 10. Vietnam needs to be determined to overcome immediate difficulties, turn challenges into opportunities, mobilize the strength of the entire nation and participation of relevant stakeholders to maintain the achieved successes and strive to achievethe stated SDGs. The report preparation created opportunities to raise awareness and promote the participation and coordination of stakeholders in the SDGs implementation in Vietnam. In addition to upgrading Vietnam’s SDGs database, monitoring and evaluating the SDGs implementation, the Report plays an important role in providing an overview and comprehensive information on the SDGs implementation in Vietnam.

United Nations Resident Coordinator in Vietnam Kidong Park. Photo: MPI

Kidong Park, United Nations Resident Coordinator in Vietnam congratulated the Vietnamese Government and the MPI on their announcement of SDG National Report 2020; expressed the gratitude to the Vietnamese Government for the cooperation with the UN and Vietnam's commitments in implementing the SDGs. The Report is timely published to provide measures to restore the economy and build a better life; solutions to the safe adaption to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Report shows Vietnam’s progress in implementing SDGs over the past five years; reliable improvements of poverty reduction and hunger eradication, providing high-quality education; social inequalities reduction and peace promotion; and building strong institutions. The Report has also given the need-to-be–improved issues to achieve the 2030 goals; mechanisms to enhance social security and enhance efficiency and effectiveness; protect people's health and environment; and disadvantaged groups such as children, migrant workers, elderly, and the disabled; use of natural resources, especially water and energy; and improve the efficiency of public financial management, etc.

As stated by Mr. Kidong Park, the UN and the Vietnamese Government are considering and approving the framework of cooperation for the 2022-2026 period to support Vietnam to better perform in the mechanism and efficiency improvement. Therefore, the workshop is also an opportunity for stakeholders to discuss and provide orientations and solutions in the coming time. The UN is ready to assist Vietnam in realizing its goals in accordance with Vietnam's needs and capabilities.

Resident Representative of Hanns Seidel Foundation in Vietnam Michael Siegner.
Photo: MPI

Michael Siegner, Resident Representative of Hanns Seidel Foundation in Vietnam said that the COVID-19 pandemic had affected people's lives as well as the SDGs implementation. Tthe Report provides an overview of the implemention of the SDGs. The 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement are the foudation for formulating policies to promote the long-term sustainable development. Vietnam has made many advancements in promoting the SDGs implementation.

Representatives of ministries, sectors, national and international organizations, embassies and the UN agencies and experts highly appreciated the MPI in organizing, coordinating with the stakehoders to develop the SDG National Report 2020. The Report provides a foundation for relevant ministries, sectors and localities, as well as important inputs for strategic directions of development partners in their support to Vietnam’s SDG implementation in the coming time./.

Bao Linh
Ministry of Planning and Investment

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