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Thursday, January 20 2022
Tiếng Việt
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Date 20/11/2021-16:31:00 PM
Vietnam Summit in Japan 2021 - “Transformation: New values - New methods”
(MPI) – The Vietnam Summit in Japan 2021 with the theme “Transformation: New values - New methods” was held onsite in Tokyo, Japan and online in various points on November 20th, 2021. The Summit was organized under the sponsors of the Vietnamese Embassy of Vietnam in Japan and the National Innovation Center (NIC) in the collaboration of the Association of Vietnamese Intellectuals in Japan (AVIJ), the Vietnamese Academic Network in Japan (VANJ), the Vietnamese Professionals in Japan (VPJ), the Vietnamese Youth and Students Association in Japan (VYSA) and the Vietnam - Japan Open Innovation Network (VJOIN). Deputy Minister Tran Duy Dong attended the Summit at the Ministry of Planning and Investment (MPI) point.

Shaping new values, new thinking methods of development in a peri- and post-pandemic society

With the participation of over 30 renowned speakers and nearly 50 guest who are domestic and international intellectuals, entrepreneurs and artists, as well as 1.000 audiences who are representatives from the Vietnamese community in Japan and intellectual associations from countries worldwide, all will jointly discuss about the current challenges in Vietnam, shaping new values, new way of thinking for development for the society during and after COVID-19. Various Vietnamese intellectual communities in Japan are connected, including: the scientist and expert community, the employee and expert community, the youth and student community and the entrepreneurial community. This event has created a chance for the Vietnamese intellectuals in Japan to network with state departments, intellectuals and entrepreneurs in and outside Vietnam, boosting cooperation and development.

Representative of the Vietnam Summit in Japan 2021 board members Trinh Thanh Luan delivers opening marks. Photo: MPI

Trinh Thanh Luan, representative of the board members of the Vietnam Summit in Japan 2021 at the opening informed that according to statistics of the Japanese Ministry of Justice, there were about 448 thousand Vietnamese living, studying and working in Japan by the beginning of 2021, approximately more than half of which were intellectuals, including students, scientists and experts in many fields. It is also anticipated that a forum will be created with its giant community in both quantity and quality to gather Vietnamese intellectuals in Japan with the long-term goal of building and developing the Vietnamese community in Japan in particular and Vietnam in general to become stronger and stronger.

In November 2019, the Vietnam Summit in Japan was held for the first time with the participation of over 60 speakers who were famous experts from many fields with over 900 participants in 10 discussion sessions under the theme “Make in Vietnam: Chances and Challenges”. Through the summit, individuals, organizations and businesses gained more perspectives on the problems and opportunities that they were facing, and overseas Vietnamese organizations under the organizing committee had new orientations and activities, and the publication of the Anthology of Japanese Science and Technology was also a remarkable achievement.

The second Vietnam Summit in Japan took place in 2021, when the whole world is struggling with the widespread impact of COVID-19. A lot of connections and values have been severed. However, there is an “opportunity” in a “crisis”. The pandemic, nonetheless, has brought a lot of possibilities, and to take hold and make use of them for transformation is an urgent mission for each individual as well as the whole nation.

Ambassador of Vietnam to Japan Vu Hong Nam. Photo: MPI

Finding out the best path of transformation and development for the country

Vu Hong Nam, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Vietnam to Japan welcomed and highly appreciated the determination of the community members to jointly attend the summit. He expressed his appreciation towards AVIJ, VANJ, VPJ, VYSA and VJOIN for their efforts to overcome challenges with wisdom and enthusiasm to organize the biggest event of the Vietnamese intellectual community in Japan - Vietnam Summit in Japan 2021. The Vietnamese community has become the second largest expat community in Japan with nearly 500,000 people, actively contributing to Japan's socio-economic development and becoming a friendship linkage for cooperation between the two countries.

The community of Vietnamese talents and experts with high qualifications is expanding with 1,000 people, many of them are holding crucial positions in teaching and researching at the best universities and leading enterprises of Japan as Professor, Associate Professor, Head of Research, etc. in many fields such as information technology, electronics, agriculture, health; along with young talents, young entrepreneurs and enthusiastic international students who are playing a leading role in the development of the Vietnamese community in Japan.

Ambassador Vu Hong Nam greatly valued the Vietnamese intellectual community in Japan for their joint efforts to overcome difficulties posed by the impact of the COVID-19 over the past two years with various organized activities, such as the scholarship programs for more than 2,000 disadvantaged international students and seminars, scientific exchanges, startup support, technology transfer, and job fairs for students.

“Every cloud has a silver lining; after a devastating storm, the buds come out, the crops grow; after a crisis, there is a new revival; after an accident, good luck comes. The pandemic will be the test of wisdom for the Vietnamese people and an opportunity for great ideas and inventions to be invented.” The summit extrememely needs the helping hands of policy makers, researchers, experts and entrepreneurs, between the State and the whole society to turn “crisis” into “opportunity”, contributing practical solutions for the development of the country. Together, the people are able to realize the dream of making their nation to be more powerful and prosperous, as emphasized by Ambassador Vu Hong Nam.

Deputy Minister Tran Duy Dong speaks at the summit. Photo: MPI

Maximizing potentials and strengths to contribute to the homeland

According to Deputy Minister Tran Duy Dong, Vietnam has achieved the significant historical development after 35 years of comprehensive renewal, never before has the country had such fortune, potential, international standing and prestige as it does today. The country is striving with an even more intensive and extensive integration amid a myriad of advantages, chances and difficulties, challenges on both national and international scales. Vietnam has signed new-generation free trade agreements (FTAs) such as CPTPP and EVFTA to facilitate investment, business and export of goods, and also benefited from the trend of shifting global supply chains as investors seek to new investment markets in Southeast Asia thanks to advantages in labor, open-door policy and more completed institutions in accordance with the new development trend.

The Government had issued the Resolution No. 128/NQ-CP on October 11th, 2021 adopting provision regulations on “safety, flexibility, and effective control of COVID-19 pandemic”. Therefore, industrial production in October had prospered when the COVID-19 was gradually controlled, social distancing measures were eased, and production and business activities were gradually restored to a new normal. Even so, on the way of development process, Vietnam is at risks of being lagged behind, falling into the middle-income trap, and confronting aging population, etc. along with countless new problems and demands that are heavier and more complex. Science - technology, innovation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution are expanding and creating breakthroughs in many fields and both opportunities and challenges for all countries and peoples. Science - technology and innovation are increasingly becoming decisive factors for the competitiveness of each country. The digital technology has promoted the development of the digital economy and digital society and changed the State management methods, production and business models, consumption, culture and society. Nonetheless, COVID-19 is still present, haunting in all aspects of the social life in every corner in the world. The spread of the virus could disrupt the economy again if the immunity is weakened and new variants may be more vaccine-resistant.

The Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress set out a guiding point to have a breakthrough mechanism to attract and utilize talents, promote innovation, actively apply science and technology, especially the achievements of the 4IR, and create a motivation for rapid and sustainable development. The socio-economic development strategy for the 2021-2030 period determines to “Vigorously develop science and technology, innovate and digitally transform to create breakthroughs in terms of productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness”. The strategy also set out the direction and task of “Promoting the development of key economic areas and fields, which have potentials, advantages and fiscal space as driving force to catch up, moving forward, going beyond in some areas compared to the region and the world.” Thus, Vietnam requires science - technology, innovation and high-quality human resources to contribute to the growth model renewal, ensuring rapid and sustainable development in the next decade. In particular, it is essential to promote orientation of catching up, moving forward and going beyond so that Vietnam can seize new opportunities and create competitiveness in the international arena.

Implementing the guidelines and policies of the Party and Government on the development and enhancement of the national innovation capacity, contributing to the renewal of the country's growth model, the MPI has completed three key tasks: Finalizing and submitting to the Government for promulgation of the National Strategy on the 4IR; Developing a scheme and submitting to the Prime Minister for the establishment of the National Innovation Center in October 2019; Coordinating with the Ministries of Science and Technology (MoST), Education and Training (MoET), and Foreign Affairs (MoFA) for the establishment the Vietnam Innovation Network (VIN) in 2018 to gather Vietnamese intellectuals and experts globally to participate in innovation activities in Vietnam. The VIN has made positive progress with five networks in Germany, Australia, Japan, Republic of Korea and Europe with over 1,000 members in 20 countries and territories so far.

Photo: MPI

Acknowledging the efforts of the Vietnamese intellectual community in Japan for uniting, gathering and promoting connections

The publication of the Anthology of Japanese Science and Technology, which introduced Japanese scientific researches and new technological applications, opening up opportunities to “catch up” with international practice, was announced at the summit. This is one of the remarkable results and contributions of the VANJ and VJOIN. The Vietnamese intellectual community in Japan has made considerable progresses with a great number of scientists at universities and research institutes, experts at leading companies in Japan, entrepreneurs in many fields and numerous students. DM Tran Duy Dong highly appreciated the efforts of the Vietnamese intellectual community in Japan in uniting, gathering and promoting specific connections over the past two years through the Vietnam Summit in Japan.

The MPI suggested that the Vietnamese intellectual community in Japan maximize its potential and strengths, contributing to Vietnam by the connection in the Vietnamese community to its with international partners and friends, bringing practical results to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Diplomatic Relations between Vietnam and Japan in 2023. The Vietnamese intellectual community in Japan has actively coordinate with Vietnamese embassies and youth and student associations in other countries to select and gather excellent individuals to participate in the VINJ in collaboration with the NIC to deploy innovation activities for Vietnam.

The Vietnamese intellectual community in Japan is an integral part of the great national unity bloc. This is the time that Vietnam focuses on promoting creative capacity, making science - technology and innovation into a driving force for the country’s rapid and sustainable economic development. 2021 is the first year of implementing the Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress with great challenges. To overcome difficulties and take advantage of new technological achievements, it is important to continue striving, joining hands and contributing to the development of the country's innovation, for a faster and more sustainable development, becoming a high-income and developed country by 2045 - the 100th celebration of the country’s independence.

The event was held for two days, on the 20th and 21th of November, 2021, with a plenary session and discussion of "Vietnam’s transformation: New values - New methods” with the participation of Professor Tran Van Tho, Waseda University, a former member of the Prime Minister's Economic Advisory Group; Associate Professor Huynh Quyet Thang, President of Hanoi University of Science and Technology; Dr. Nguyen Dinh Cung, Former Director of the Central Institute for Economic Management (CIEM); Funayama Tetsu, Director of Mitsubishi Vietnam; and Nguyen Lan Hieu, Director of Hanoi Medical University Hospital.

Eight panel discussions on the fields of health, education, women, technology, enterprise, new energy, e-learning, and agriculture, with corresponding topics in a biomedical perspective: How to live with COVID-19 in the new normal; Transforming after COVID-19: A must-have preparation for students; Women and new rhythm; Smart City/ICT for the future; Digital transformation - SME's Key to the new normal; New and innovative energy systems for sustainable development; COVID-19 - A hole or a stepping stone for “improvement”; and Developing the agricultural economy in the Mekong Delta./.

Bao Linh
Ministry of Planning and Investment

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