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Press Conference: Release of 2011 main socio-economic statistics and preliminary data of the 2011 Rural, Agricultural and Fishery Census

Date 31/12/2011 - 13:47:00 | 261 views
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In the morning December 29, 2011 in Hanoi, the General Statistics Office (GSO) held a press conference to release main social and economic statistical data in 2011 and preliminary data of the 2011 Rural, Agricultural and Fishery Census (RAFC). Mr. Do Thuc, General Director of GSO, chaired the meeting.

Participants were Mr. Do Thuc - General Director of GSO, Mr. Nguyen Van Lieu and Ms. Tran Thi Hang - Deputy General Directors of GSO, leaders of subject-matter departments and institutes of GSO, representatives from line-ministries, institutes and press agencies.

Opening the Conference, Mr. Do Thuc - GSO General 
Director announced essential matters about the socio-economic situation in 2011.

Also in this Conference, Mr. Nguyen Van Lieu, Deputy General Director of GSO, Member of the RAFC Central Steering Committee, proclaimed preliminary data of 2011 RAFC. The census has covered entire 15.35 million rural households and 840,000 agricultural, forestry and fishing households in urban area to collect basic information about households; 20,065 farms; 9,071 communal people’s committees to collect information about the economic and technical infrastructure in rural area, and 75,000 sample households in rural area to take special study to social and economic fields in this area.

Participants and pressmen took active part in discussion and put many questions about important economic data. Representatives from the GSO management and leaders of subject-matter departments gave satisfactory answers and explanations to questions. With the spirit of swift work, the Conference finished successfully.

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