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Youth development strategy until 2020 adopted

Date 01/01/2012 - 15:56:00 | 96 views
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Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has recently passed a strategy for developing Vietnamese youths from now until 2020.

The strategy aims to build a new comprehensively developed generation of young Vietnamese with steadfast patriotism and revolutionary morality, and awareness of socialist ideals as well as their responsibilities and duties as citizens.
The strategy targets to develop good knowledge, health, and life skills to create a solid foundation for a high-quality force for the country’s industrialization, modernization and international integration.
Under the strategy, the country hopes to provide at least 600,000 new jobs for young people each year, and reduce the unemployment rate among urban youth to under 7% and to less than 6% among rural youth.
At least 80%of young people will be equipped with basic life skills and knowledge of gender equality and reproductive health. Each year, at least 200,000 young people of marriageable age will also receive training in parenting skills.
It sets the 2020 target of an average height of 1.67m for 18-year-old males and 1.56m for females.
The strategy also introduces a series of measures to achieve the above targets./.

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