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Minister Nguyen Chi Dung receives US Under Secretary

Date 25/01/2024 - 18:52:00 | 234 views
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(MPI) - At the reception between Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Chi Dung and US Under Secretary for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment Jose W. Fernandez in Hanoi in Hanoi on January 25, the two sides updated each other on the Vietnam - U.S. economic cooperation situation and proposed several solutions to promote bilateral economic cooperation in key areas.

At the working session. Photo: MPI

Minister Nguyen Chi Dung emphasised that Vietnam and the U.S. have upgraded their relationship to a comprehensive strategic partnership, which is an important foundation to continue promoting cooperative activities in fields where both sides have strengths, development potential, and are complementary to each other.

In addition to the existing cooperation focuses, both sides agreed to add semiconductor research and production, artificial intelligence (AI) technology, high technology, and innovation as important priorities in the Vietnam - US Joint Statement.

The MPI (National Innovation Center) also signed specific cooperation agreements with US partners to develop training centers, research centers, and incubators to enhance semiconductor microcircuit design and product development, such as with Synopsys, Cadence, and Arizona State University.

However, besides the achieved results, there are still many areas that need focused implementation. Accordingly, in addition to support from the US Government, Vietnam hopes for the participation and support of US businesses, specifically in training cooperation, human resource development for the semiconductor industry to meet the manpower needs of semiconductor enterprises investing in Vietnam. The MPI Minister also asked for connection of businesses and investors of both countries to help developing Vietnam’s semiconductor industry and establishing design centers .

Minister Dung affirmed that Vietnam always values and wishes to further promote the Vietnam-US partnership to jointly seek measures and solutions, overcome difficulties and challenges, and create opportunities for mutual development in the future. Especially fully tap potential and strengths of each side to further enhance the trade, investment, and economic relations as well as in other areas to match the comprehensive strategic partnership between Vietnam and the US.

Under Secretary Jose W. Fernandez stated that the purpose of his visit to Vietnam aims to promote the supply chain, cooperation in the semiconductor industry, innovation, and clean energy.

Fernandez put stress on areas such as the semiconductor industry; issues of energy, renewable energy; developing the workforce in the semiconductor field, and said that many US businesses are interested and ready to invest in Vietnam, especially in the above-mentioned fields.

He also expressed his hope that the Governments in general, and the two ministries in particular will continue to strengthen cooperation through specific implementation activities to further promote the Vietnam - US cooperative relationship.

Both sides assessed the potential for cooperation in the semiconductor industry, AI technology, and high-tech industries of the two countries in the new era. They agreed that it is necessary to organise a ministerial-level meeting to discuss the implementation of the comprehensive strategic partnership.

They also agreed to organise economic dialogues at appropriate levels to discuss contents, propose roadmaps, and specific activities to realize the comprehensive strategic partnership between Vietnam and the US, and deploy areas where both sides have strengths, complement each other such as innovation, digital transformation, semiconductor industry, high technology, renewable energy, new energy, and human resource training./.

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