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Functions, tasks, powers and organizational structure of the Ministry Office

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Decision No. 869/QD-BKHDT dated May 15th, 2023 by the Minister of Planning and Investment.

Article 1. Position and functions

The Ministry Office is an affiliated unit of the Ministry of Planning and Investment, representing the Minister to perform the functions on advising, synthesizing and coordinating activities of the Ministry’s affiliated units according to the Ministry’s programs and work plans; controlling administrative procedures, organizing and implementing the one-stop-shop mechanism, one interoperable one-stop mechanism in handling administrative procedures under the Ministry’s authority according to the provisions of law; advising, coordinating and carrying out communication in the field of Planning and Investment; managing planning – finance; management and use of public assets of the Ministry of Planning and Investment; carrying out financial, administrative and management works in the Ministry’s agencies.

Article 2. Tasks

1. Synthesizing activities of the Ministry’s leaders and the Ministry’s affiliated units; Advising the Minister to manage all aspects of the Ministry’s works.

2. Developing weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual work programs for the Ministry’s leaders based on the work programs and related requirements of the CPV Central Office, the National Assembly Office and the Government Office.

Developing, managing, monitoring, promoting and synthesizing monthly and quarterly and annual reports on the implementation of the Ministry’s Action Programs to submit to the Prime Minister, Government, National Assembly, Politburo, and Secretariat. Acting as a focal point to monitor, promote and inspect the implementation of tasks assigned by the Government and Prime Minister at the Ministry’s affiliated units.

Presiding over and coordinating with the Ministry’s affiliated units to prepare documents for the Ministry’s briefing sessions; Preparing periodic and extraordinary reports on the Ministry’s work with superior leadership agencies and other relevant agencies.

3. Presiding over and coordinating with relevant units to submit to the Minister for approval of the Ministry’s Financial plan - state budget according to regulations; the Ministry’s Estimated annual budget revenues and expenditures; Plan to allocate the Ministry's annual budget revenue and expenditure estimates to the Ministry’s estimate units (including adjusted and supplemented estimates); Finalizing the Ministry’s annual budget; medium-term public investment plan, annual public investment plan managed by the Ministry; plans to distribute, adjust and harmonize public investment capital for projects according to regulations; Finalizing investment capital annually.

Managing, guiding and implementing plans after approval in accordance with the provisions of law. Promoting and urging the implementation and periodically report to the Ministry’s Leadership.

4. Managing and performing the Ministry’s administrative, clerical, archival, information and communication; Checking the format of the document before publishing; Managing and using seals and secret storage devices of the Ministry and the Ministry Office; Printing documents to serve the Ministry’s works; Storing and keeping confidentiality of records, documents, confidential cables, and internal information according to the provisions of law.

5. Presiding over and coordinating the Ministry’s policy communication activities. Acting as a focal point for conveying the Minister’s media orientation; Advising the Minister to manage communication activities in the field of Planning and Investment according to the provisions of law. Presiding over the synthesis and provision of information within the Ministry’s state management scope on the digital platform; Coordinating with the Center for Information Technology and Digital Transformation to manage and operate the Ministry’s portal.

6. Developing, managing, monitoring and synthesizing the Ministry’s internal and external communication plans and international cooperation on communications. Harmonizing and coordinating communication activities in the Planning and Investment sector; Coordinating with ministries, branches, localities and partners to effectively carry out the Ministry’s communication tasks. Synthesizing and managing documents, images and publish publications to serve the Ministry’s internal communications; Organizing to implement annual communication tasks and events of the Ministry’s agencies.

7. Organizing and coordinating with relevant agencies and units to ensure physical, technical and reception facilities to serve the Ministry’s meetings, conferences and seminars; Recording and saving minutes of collective meetings of the Ministry to monitor and urge implementation; Presiding over welcoming, receiving and paying domestic and foreign delegations to work at the Ministry’s agencies. Carrying out logistics for working delegations of the Ministry’s leaders; Welcoming and seeing off the Ministry’s officials, civil servants and leaders on business trips according to regulations.

8. Carrying out financial work as a level II and III budgeting unit; Managing, using and guiding the use of the Ministry’s funds.

9. Organizing the management and use of facilities, assets, vehicles, and working equipment of the Ministry’s agencies; ensure working conditions and facilities, travel and health care for officials, civil servants, public employees and workers in the agency; Managing basic construction and repair of the Ministry’s headquarters.

10. Monitoring and promoting the implementation of protecting state secrets of the Ministry’s agencies.

11. Presiding over the implementation of reforming administrative procedures and the one-stop-shop mechanism in handling administrative procedures at the Ministry; Guiding, monitoring, promoting and inspecting the implementation of administrative procedure control of the Ministry’s affiliated units.

12. Acting as a focal point to perform tasks related to standardization and publication of periodic reporting regimes within the Ministry’s state management scope. Receiving and assigning the Ministry’s affiliated to handle feedback and recommendations from organizations and individuals on administrative regulations under the Ministry’s management according to the provisions of law.

13. Coordinating with the Department of Foreign Economic Relations to monitor and evaluate programs and projects using ODA capital, priority loans, and non-refundable aid that are not part of official development support directly assigned by the Ministry.

14. Presiding over the inspection and finalization of public investment capital for projects under the Ministry’s decision-making authority and invested by the Ministry’s affiliated units (except for projects invested by the Ministry Office).

15. Presiding over implementing the Law on Management and Use of Public Assets at the Ministry; Managing, operating, guiding and inspecting the Information System on public assets and the National Database on public assets under the management scope of the Ministry of Planning and Investment; Reporting results according to the provisions of law.

16. Acting as a focal point to preside over the implementation of the Law on Thrift Practices and Anti-waste within the Ministry; Acting as a focal point to synthesize public service services in the field of the Ministry’s state management.

17. Taking charge of administration and self-defense of the agency; terrorism prevention; managing security forces, fire prevention, fighting and rescue, response to incidents, natural disasters, and grassroots security forces; Maintaining security and order, internal regulations and labor discipline at the Ministry.

18. Presiding over and coordinating with the Department of Legislation to codify and consolidate legal documents in the fields in charge by the Department according to regulations.

19. Coordinating with the Party Committee, Trade Union, Agency Life Committee and units to care for and improve the material and spiritual life of officials, workers and employees in the whole agencies.

20. Coordinating with the Ministry’s affiliated units to carry out relevant tasks under the management of the sector or field in charge.

21. Carrying out other tasks as assigned by the Minister.

Article 3. Organizational structure

The Ministry Inspectorate has the following functional divisions.

1. Secretary’s Office;

2. Division of General Affairs - Administrative Control;

3. Division of Communication;

4. Division of Planning - Finance;

5. Division of Literature - Archives;

6. Division of Financial Affairs;

7. Administration Division;

8. Division of Reception - Security;

9. Southern offices (headquartered in Ho Chi Minh City and Da Nang city, with their own seals and accounts).

The staffing of civil servants and the number of contract employees paid from the state budget of the Ministry Office are decided by the Minister.

Article 4. Enforcement

This Decision comes into force since the date of signing and replaces the Decision No. 1868/QD-BKHDT dated December 21st, 2017 by Minister of the Ministry of Planning and Investment on functions, tasks and organizational structure of the Ministry Office and decision No. 699/QD-BKHDT dated May 31st, 2021 by the Ministry of Planning and Investment on amending and supplementing the organizational structure of the Ministry Office.

Article 5. Implementation responsibility

Director General of Department of Organization and Personnel, Chief of the Ministry Office, and the heads of units and organizations under the Ministry are responsible for implementing this Decision./.




(Signed and sealed)


Nguyen Chi Dung

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